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How To Avoid Working Late At Night | Our Productivity Tip of the Week
August 8, 2021
- by
James Eldridge
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I have a bit of an unconventional schedule as an entrepreneur (and I bet you do too). And after becoming a parent, I like to reserve as much of my evenings as possible with my daughter & my wife. 

BUT, there are so many little things that pop up in the day, that I found myself up late at night too often (and not the fun late at night work; the task work that should have been delivered within traditional working hours). 

Even though I was prioritizing each day–I wasn’t prioritizing properly with my new life as a parent. My view of what my “TOP DAILY PRIORITIES” were had to widen. 

So, now when I create my daily priorities, I create them by asking myself, “What of my priorities—if not completed by 5pm—will cause me to have to work in the evenings and miss time with my family or keep me up super late at night?”. 

So, if you want to reserve your evenings for time spent with the ones you love most–this method is for you. Here’s 3 quick tips to try out to see if this works for you.



Plan each day's major task - the #1 priority that needs to be done each day - at the start of your week. Example below.

? MON – Update pricing + send proposals
? TUE – Finalize Q4 2021 marketing strategy
? WED – Proof all of next month’s email campaigns
? THU – Set next week team schedule
? FRI – Publish our new course + promote on social

COPY & PASTE this template below and give it a try yourself on your phone’s note app. Planning your high priorities each day isn’t complicated (or something that should take a long time). You can do it now in 5 minutes: 

? MON – Write your major task here.
? TUE – Write your major task here.
? WED – Write your major task here.
? THU – Write your major task here.
? FRI – Write your major task here.



Each morning confirm the priority you set is still the top priority for today! (Remember, the list is here to serve you.)



Learn to set boundaries with yourself and others. Say NO to new, easier or more exciting priorities.


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